Friday, March 1, 2013

Bob Reeve High School / NEX


A few weekends ago, we explored the building that used to house the island’s schools, Bob Reeve High School and Mt. Moffett Elementary / Junior High. In 1992, only two years before the Navy made Adak an unaccompanied post, a brand new school was opened closer to the family housing. Shortly after the move, there was an earthquake that caused significant damage to the Navy Exchange, which was then relocated to the old school building. Happily, the new school building is currently in use as the school, community center, Post Office, clinic, city office, library, church, and police station.

The building’s dual use history added an interesting element of industrial archaeology to our exploration. It was fascinating to see the layers of NEX detritus against the backdrop of the familiar architecture and organization of a large public school.

The welcome sign for the NEX has held up remarkably well, especially in comparison to the paint and the glass

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Anchorage Daily News Box, also NEX era. One of the things I really miss living out here is access to a newspaper!

Lockers. Some of them were decorated with bumper stickers, including one advertising a radio station in Hawaii. Guess that's where Dad/Mom was stationed before "the rock"
Typical mural. I wonder if there was someone stationed on the island whose job it was to paint murals?

Found in a locker room-- probably girls?

Athletic lockers. The facilities were really nice when they were in good repair.

Looking up into the rafters of the gym. The net's still there and completely intact!

NEX signage-- this one was for the shoe section

A gift from the Bob Reeve High School Class of 1987

Center Court art. This school was actually not a DOD school, but was run by the State of Alaska-- possibly explaining the nods to local culture?

NEX shelving that fell during an earthquake

This is a terrible picture, but it really shows how bowed the floors in the gym are. Again, most likely a result of seismic activity.

NEX safe

If only we had a NEX here now! Navy life must have been so comfortable here (post WWII, anyway).

This faculty work-room carpet is in pretty good shape, but the bird who was eaten here isn't!

Record player for the PA system, right outside the principal's office.

The stopped clocks (we saw a dozen) were very eery, and almost all stopped at different times.

At first we thought this was a home ec room, but on second thought it was definitely a barber shop (note the sink). Possibly it was a home ec room first?

Chemistry lab

Labels in the chemistry lab

The second hand is kind of Dali-esque.

Black mold, in the pattern of the Alaska flag (probably an adhesive decal, since removed).

Now it is.

Price tape. There are hundreds of yards of this littering the halls.

Rain checks!

Grass and snow, inside.

The general state of affairs.

Trailer classrooms, Aleutians style!

We're not sure if this was NEX food court or school cafeteria. In any case, note the vintage logos.

Someone forgot her spelling list. Tsk, tsk, Ann Nacu!


Old floppies. Lots of educational programs for Macs.

A typical classroom (though this one seems to have been spared major water damage).

The library returns slot.

Possibly a language classroom? The red and white carrel-style desks remind me of audio stations.

Overall, an interesting adventure! Next up-- the Bering Hill Chapel and the Bering Hill Recreation Center.


  1. do you know the physical address of the high school??

  2. Sorry, I don't know the address of this building. Do you need it for school records? I may be able to refer you to the correct district office.


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