Monday, June 17, 2013

Camping on the Kenai

One of the really nice things about being back in Anchorage for the summer is our backyard, the Kenai Peninsula. I could think of worse places to spend a Saturday night. 

My first time on the mudflats! If you look closely, the pattern the water makes at the bottom looks a bit like Alaska... see it?

Sunset. This was around midnight.

Oh, trees. I love you so.

The view from inside the tent. Someone (*ahem*) left the rain fly behind, so it was a very open tent experience. Luckly it was warm and gorgeous. Almost too warm, even.

I think that these cloud patterns are related to the extreme-for-Alaska heat the last couple of days. We've gotten up into the (gasp!) 80s. No biggie compared to lower 48 conditions, but remember, almost no one up here has air conditioning.

Six Mile Creek, running very full.

We ran into some French gentlemen who had traveled from France to Africa to South America and all the way up to Alaska. They were bound for Asia next-- what a trip!

They caught us admiring their map and we had a nice conversation with them. They assumed we were Canadian-- not sure whether to blame our respective Quebecois teachers, or the fact that very few Americans speak French...

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