Monday, October 1, 2012

Radio Silence

The state of the equipment in the abandoned LORAN station pretty much matches my blogging mojo of late. I’ve been totally consumed with my two shiny new jobs. They’re both part time, but together they add up to more than full-time, and have me working six days a week. Both jobs also involve working with children, which means that I have been unmercifully thrown into a pit of (very cute) walking petri dishes, and have been semi-successfully battling the slew of colds and coughs going around.

I am very glad to be working again (I was starting to feel rather like a 50s housewife) and I know that I’ll get used to the pace. But for now things may be a bit quiet around here.

Speaking of things that are quiet—or not—we’re still getting a lot of aftershocks after last week’s earthquake, which I should mention was downgraded to a 6.4 after seismologists had time to crunch some data. I'm so very thankful that there was no damage, no tsunami, and no injuries.

Parting shot. The island's mercurial weather is great for rainbows. This is the start of the path towards the hot springs, which Ivan reached on Sunday—quite a trek.

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