Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plane Day

Sundays and Thursdays are plane days here on the island. Plane days mean people coming and going, mail, and packages, all of which is pretty exciting when you live on an island with about 150 people (no one really seems to know an exact number, and it varies a lot) and one retail establishment, where a half gallon of milk costs $9.56.

I'm a little obsessed with milk these days. Sadly, there's none coming this plane day or anytime soon. But there could be, which is a comfort. Both the husband and I are avid milk drinkers-- odd for adults, but there you have it. While some might have ensured that a case or two of beer was among their chilled goods, we each packed two half-gallons of fresh milk. His is already long gone, and he's moved on the Hershey's Shelf-Stable (which you might have caught a glimpse of here). Unfortunately, it doesn't come in lactose free, a requirement for this life-long lactose intolerant. So I am carefully rationing my last 6 ounces or so.

Thus far milk is the only physical thing I really miss and desire, though I'm sure that there are many cravings and longings to come. By December, I'll definitely be desperate for a haircut, Starbucks, a Chop't salad, and the sun. In the meantime, it's good to learn to live with less, and to exercise patience, waiting for plane day and the USPS.

Long live Alaska Airlines!

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  1. The days won't get /that/ short -- you're only at 52 north. That's just a hair further north than we are, and we get a fair amount of light.

    The tricky bit is if it's cloudy for days on end (which I'm told is a thing that can happen). In that case then, yah -- you can begin to miss Mr. Sun something awful.

    Doug M.


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