Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goodbye Anchorage (Maybe?)

Looks like our flight is going to take off as planned, so it's farewell to Anchorage until December.

Last night we went up to the Glen Alps trailhead and out to the overlook at dusk (around 10 o'clock, the days are still long up here!)

It was a gorgeous night, and the whole city was laid out in front of us-- a city of almost 300,000, bounded by mountains and the sea, in the shadow of Susitna and, far away, Denali.

Anchorage is where we first lived together, where we got engaged, where he deployed from and redeployed to. It's where we've gone to school, taught in schools, and worked crazy odd jobs to make ends meet. It's where we've found communities of faith, political action, outdoors endeavors, and historical preservation. Someday, it's where we hope to put down roots.

We'll certainly miss it, and its conveniences (things like banks, Target, even Olive Garden!) But it's time to face forward and lean into this new adventure.

Goodbye, Anchorage. See you on the flipside.

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